Formed in 2006 to provide consulting and technical support, Mechworx has evolved as a leading supplier to the Powder Metal and Ceramic industries.  We develop business partnerships with our clients who then benefit from our thirty years worldwide manufacturing experience.

Operating in the competitive world of manufacturing requires dedication and commitment.  We have managed international projects and assisted our clients to maximise their tooling activities.

  • Improved the design, purchasing and quality activities of international sintered parts producers.
  • Developed a Toolroom for in-house tool manufacture at the Italian headquarters of a major sintered parts producer.
  • Implemented best practice in all aspects of toolmaking, from design to finished product.
  • Conducted supplier assessments in Asia to establish a supply chain for high quality PM tools.


If you need help you with any of the above, or you would like to discuss another aspect of your business where we could assist, please do not hesitate to contact us.